Brown Bear to Scholar: First Birthday Fun!

Brown Bear to Scholar: First Birthday Fun!

Evelyn’s first birthday celebration was an absolute blast to photograph! Bright vivid colors, a Pinterest-sque smash cake setup, Brown Bear Brown Bear cupcakes, and (my favorite part)… a fun game that had the whole party cheering, roaring with laughter and applause as the baby girl chose her own future path.



I loved this venue. The party was at a luxurious clubhouse with a gorgeous view, and plenty of room for the little ones to run around and have fun.


This rocking chair was brought to the party just to make some special pics. It’s been in the family for generations! And PS – check out the Brown Bear dress…how adorable is that?

Try as we might, we could NOT capture a fantastic smash cake MESS from this little beauty! Nope, she ate her cake like a four-course meal. Nice, neat, and taking her time as everyone watched. 🙂

DSC_0870        DSC_1124





While capturing this birthday girl’s photos, I found out that on a recent trip to Disneyworld, a lot of the characters wanted to take multiple pictures with this gorgeous girl. And no wonder! What a precious smile!

Mommy and Daddy wanted a few family portraits as a keepsake. Such a beautiful family!



DSC_1025           DSC_1045

Of course, the fun starts once the posed pictures end! No end to these smiles!

And now my favorite part…the highlight of the celebration: the Dol-ja-bi.

DSC_0251        DSC_0232

First, check out the beautiful, ornate outfit Evelyn wore for this special Korean celebration.

What a fun tradition this is. Friends and family place bets guessing which symbolic object the baby will choose. Different objects represent different paths: thread signifies long life, a stethoscope the medical field, etc. Then everyone gathers round to watch.

DSC_0070          DSC_0123mod1

It was fantastic seeing everyone at the party cheering the baby on, clapping and giggling as she took her sweet time making her choice.


Evelyn chose the pencil! Sure to be a good scholar!

And after the party, everyone headed off to the clubhouse pool to cool off!


Thank you so much for letting us capture your big day, sweet family! 🙂

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