Family Birthday Surprise Photos!

Family Birthday Surprise Photos!

I had the pleasure of photographing this precious family last weekend.

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The cool thing was, all the (grownup) kids and grandkids planned a beautiful surprise trip to celebrate their sweet parents’ birthdays.

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And the pop-up family photo session was a fun bonus! By the time I arrived, the whole place was bustling with excitement and laughter.


We had a warm, sunny day at our disposal, and happy kids. That’s perfection in my book!

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I’d highly recommend anyone in this family for a career in modeling. Not only are they gorgeous, but they posed so naturally for the camera — no prompting necessary!

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And their sense of humor… Wow. I don’t think I stopped laughing the whole time I was there. It’s so awesome to get to spend time with a family that just has fun together!


By the way, how about this awesome photo? We all know who’s in charge here! 🙂


Thanks for melting my heart!

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