Your wedding day is a story – a story that you get to write. As photojournalist-style photographers, we capture the moments as they occur.

It’s the natural moments that you’ll want to relive through your photos in the years to come. It’s our job to make sure that we artistically capture the emotion of the day. The tears, the excitement, the joy, the beauty.

And on your wedding day, it’s all about the details. You spent hours picking out every accoutrement, from your shoes to the bridesmaids’ bouquets. My assistant works every wedding with me, and together, we’ll artistically capture every subtlety so you can smile over them for years to come. As a team, we can capture different perspectives. One of us can be photographing your groom’s astonishment when he first sees you, while the other one simultaneously captures your father’s tenderness as he takes your hand and walks you down the aisle.

A wedding day can be stressful, and brides typically go through the day in a kind of blissful (and nervous, and hungry!) haze. We’ll capture the “blink and you’ll miss them” moments that are happening all around you, so you can just enjoy the enchantment, moment by moment. It’s so exciting watching brides look through their wedding photos and exclaiming, “Oh, wow! I didn’t know that happened! How did you capture that?” as they see photos of the flower girl dancing amidst bubbles, a bro hug between college roommates, or grandmother wistfully pinning on the groom’s boutonniere. We look for the special moments, and unobtrusively capture them before they pass by.

We also offer a unique drone footage add-on option. This is ideal for capturing your venue, a shot of your entire wedding party plus guests (imagine them all smiling and waving, as the bride and groom share a kiss), and an overall unique vantage point. It’s a beautiful expression of your perfect day. The drone also works as a fun conversation piece among the guests!