Let’s chat over coffee.

You’ve spent your whole life dreaming about your wedding day, and you have plans for how you want it to go. That’s what the consultation is all about.

I want to know your dreams, to see your earmarked bridal magazines, and get a feel for what your big day will look like.

I’ll ask about your venue, how you met, and some of the traditions you’d like to observe. (Are you a “can’t see the bride before the wedding” type person, or do you want to capture “first look” shots while you’re both fresh?) And you want to make sure I’m a good fit for you. Get to know me, find out what to expect on the big day.

Tell me everything. Tell me your special photo requests. Maybe you’d like to spend a special moment with your father, giving him a gift just before you leave the bride’s dressing room. Maybe there will be an empty chair with a rose laid across it to honor a special loved one. Maybe the groom has hired a private banner plane to fly over the wedding and wants to be sure we capture it (yep, this happened!). Maybe there’s some –eek- family drama that I need to tiptoe around when posing everyone.

I always ask my brides for a list of their must-have posed photos. And a lot of times we’ll share a Pinterest board so I can get an idea of her style and the fun ideas she has for thank you notes or a sparkler send-off.

The planning is half the fun! Tell me your dreams, and let’s make it happen.